Code For Christ

Developers that love the Lord.

OUr Mission

We're a Christ centered community of developers that create coding projects to advance God's kingdom by loving and serving those around us and equipping the saints with tools to more effectively share the Gospel

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Meeting Times & Location

Day and Time:
Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm
Location: TBD

Core Values

Servanthood - Towards Christ and our neighbors in need
-We develop software to assist our communities, especially those in need, as outlined in Isaiah 58:6
Love - For our community, country, and world
-We develop software to share the gospel to a world that needs to know that they are loved, as described in John 3:16
Humility - Before our almighty Creator
-We are a non-profit organization that seeks to give all glory to God in the projects that we create and deploy our projects with the intent of advancing God’s kingdom, with the humility outlined in Philippians 2:3-4 and with the Christ-centered service outlined in Colossians 3:23-24

Who should join

-The development team will be learning a set of skills to produce high quality software, with a focus on React Native. Developers should have some form of background in programming and be willing to learn new skills.
Majors/Minors: CSCI, ITP, Anything involving programming

Design Team
-Even if you are not a computer science major, you are welcome to join. We are looking for members to join our Design and Layout team. We will teach the basics of HTML and CSS, skills that can be picked up by anyone willing to learn.
Majors/Minors: All

-The communication teams will be managing social media and outreach, and will also serve as a liaison between Code for Christ and the Christian community to identify impactful app concepts.
Majors/Minors: Closed for Application Only

What to Expect

Semester 1: Kickstart
-For the first semester, our goal as a club is to develop some new skills and brush up on some of the skills we currently have. We will also work on some small scale projects to apply the skills we are learning or brushing up.

Semester 2: Development/Mentorship
-For the next semester, we will be applying the learned skills to serve Christ by developing software to help our neighbors in need, and to also share the gospel to those who have never heard it.
In addition, we will also have the opportunity to mentor other members. With the skills we have developed in the club, we will be able to train other members with skills which could be used to develop software that honors God.

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